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India at the UNGA

India must look beyond Pakistan in the UN, and engage with structural changes in the international s…

EU's Rejection of Post-Brexit Plan

United Kingdom's PM Theresa May’s post-Brexit blueprint was rejected by the European Union.

Rafale Deal Row

Former French president recently said that the Indian government had “proposed” Anil Ambani’s …

U.S. and China - Retaliatory Tariffs

Both the U.S. and China announced new tariffs on imports from each other.

Shift in Manufacturing Base

As the threat of a trade war looms between China and the US, many companies shift their manufacturin…

Emerging 'Strategic Autonomy'

There is a new enthusiasm for independent foreign and security policies among many countries.

Concerns with Indo-Nepal relationship

Despite several attempts at a reset, ties between India and Nepal continue to be a cause of concern.

Transparency in Rafale deal

Lack of transparency in the purchase of Rafale fighter aircrafts from France lead to the demands of …

Sino-Indian Relations

Despite normalisation of ties post-Wuhan summit, Sino-Indian relations is still amid a mix of compet…

Challenges in concluding RCEP

Trade ministers of 16 countries met in Singapore recently to create the largest economic integration…