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Replacement of Prime Minister in Sri Lanka - II

Sri Lankan President dissolved the Parliament after the recent replacement of the Prime Minister.

Rationalisation of road spaces

Traffic situation in developing nations are becoming a matter of concern wherein big cities among th…

Impact of US-China trade war on India

There is a real opportunity for India to take advantage of the US-China trade war which has reached …

Impact of US mid-term Elections

The results of the U.S. midterm elections will have an effect on the foreign policies.

U.S. Sanctions waiver on India – II

Conflicting views on Indo-Pacific concept

There are conceptual differences between India and US on the concept of Indo-Pacific.

Indo-Japan Currency Swap Arrangement

A bilateral currency swap is an open-ended credit line from one country to another at a fixed exchan…

U.S. Sanctions waiver on India

The US has broadly agreed to grant India a waiver from its Iran sanctions recently.

U.S. Proposal on Birthright citizenship

U.S. President said recently that he intends to issue an executive order that would end birth right …

Indo-Japan relations

India and Japan held 13th India-Japan annual summit recently.