Dard Aryans of Ladakh

Dard Aryans recently submitted their charter of demands.

Harappan Excavations in Haryana

Near-complete skeletal remains are excavated in Rakhigarhi

Understanding the Tribes of Andaman

An American National was allegedly killed recently by Sentinelese tribes of A&N Islands

Need for a New Antique Law

The recent happenings over antique collecting across India draw attention to the shortfalls in the r…

Climate Change and World Heritage Sites

A recent study reveals that the World Heritage sites were threatened by climate change.

Indigenous Rationalism in India

There has been a vibrant spirit of rationalist thought in India

Conserving Taj Mahal

Despite about 3 decades of efforts, there seems little improvement

Mapping IVC’s Rainfall Patterns

A recent research shows that IVC was at its peak during its wettest phase

Harappan Necropolis – Haryana

Harappan excavations carried out in Rakhigarhi in Haryana has revealed new findings about IVC.

Neanderthals - The Artistic Humans

Europe based study has proved that Neanderthals are more artistic than Homo sapiens
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