India - U.S. pact likely to miss deadline

Daily News GS II Mains

India - U.S. pact likely to miss deadline Why in news? The India-U.S pact for buidling six reactors in A.P. by June 2017 is now facing uncertainty. What are the issues? The reason for the concer…

March 28, 2017 0 180

Restrictions on Women’s Mobility

Daily News GS II Social Justice

What is the issue? The India Human Development Survey (IHDS) was organised by the University of Maryland and the National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER) reports about Women’s relu…

March 28, 2017 0 194

Structural Changes through Finance Bill

Daily News GS II Mains

What is the issue? The Finance Bill, 2017 has been passed by Lok Sabha recently. It not only has changes to applicable taxes, but also many structural changes to institutions and sectors. What i…

March 27, 2017 0 387

Lessons from NITI Aayog

Daily News GS II Mains

What is the issue? NITI Aayog’s framed new recruitment rules for senior people (Additional and Joint Secretary rank). What is the present recruitment model? The human capital for Government…

March 27, 2017 0 369

India-Mexico relation

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Why in news? The Mexican ambassador to India has invited Indian IT professionals to use Mexico as the base for near-shore US operations, after Trump’s H-1B visa restrictions. What is the prese…

March 27, 2017 0 295

Enhancing the status of Rivers

Daily News GS II Mains

What is the issue? The Uttarakhand High Court declared the rivers Yamuna and Ganga as legal or juridical persons, enjoying all the rights, duties and liabilities of a living person. It is the firs…

March 27, 2017 0 323

Prelim Bits 27-03-2017

Daily News Prelim Bits

World's largest artificial Sun The artificial sun is made up of a honeycomb of 149 spotlights, which together make the structure known as "Synlight", located in Germany. The lights a…

March 27, 2017 0 573

Transition to clean energy

Daily News GS III Mains

What is the issue? Ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all is critical, but this challenge is far from being met. What is the present scenario? The global e…

March 26, 2017 0 376

Prelim Bits 26-03-2017

Daily News Prelim Bits

Pradhan Mantri Adarsh Gram Yojana The scheme aims for integrated development of selected villages having more than 50% Scheduled Caste (SC) population through implementation of existing scheme of …

March 26, 2017 0 682

Battling TB

Daily News GS II Mains

What is the issue? In 2015 alone, 4.8 lakh Indians died of the airborne disease. India’s leading chest physician called it “Ebola with wings” on World Tuberculosis Day (March 24)…

March 26, 2017 0 297