Vitamin A - Targeted Supplementation

Daily News GS II Health

What is the issue? Some scientists have vouched for a targeted supplementation program for vitamin A.  Why is Vitamin A supplementation required? In the mid-1960s, prevalence of night blind…

August 20, 2017 0 679

Prelim Bits 19-08-2017

Daily News Prelim Bits

Koodiyattam Koodiyaattam is one of the oldest traditional theatre forms of Kerala. It is based on Sanskrit theatre traditions. It is the only surviving specimen of the ancient Sanskrit theatre. …

August 19, 2017 0 1716

India and Rohingyas conflict

Daily News GS II Bilateral/International Relations

Why in news? Myanmar has recently increased military deployment in the northern Rakhine area as part of its counter-insurgency efforts against Rohingyas. Who are Rohingyas? The Rohingya are an e…

August 19, 2017 0 1114

Significance of Unmanned aerial vehicles

Daily News GS III Internal Security

What is the issue? US Navy has decided to replace its Aircrafts gradually with UAVs. There is a strong demand for India over the UAV venture.  What are the significance of UAVs? Unmanned…

August 19, 2017 0 801

Review of IT Products

Daily News GS II Bilateral/International Relations

What is the issue? Indian government has initiated a review of the all IT products. This will have serious implications for China. What is the current move? The government has put on notice a…

August 19, 2017 0 687

Sustainable Agriculture

Daily News GS III Agriculture

What is the issue? Climate change challenge and dependence of our population on agriculture necessitates a look at the options of sustainable agriculture. What are the issues? Land degradation - …

August 19, 2017 0 800

Kerala Conversion Case

Daily News GS II Social Justice

Why in news? Supreme Court has ordered an investigation by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) into a possible “conspiracy” of “love jihad”. What is the case? The case…

August 19, 2017 0 701

Prelim Bits 18-08-2017

Daily News Prelim Bits

Navika Sagar Parikrama It is a project wherein a team of women officers of the Indian Navy would circumnavigate the globe on an Indian-built sail boat INSV Tarini. This is the first ever Indian c…

August 18, 2017 0 1562

The case for longterm Power Purchase Agreements

Daily News GS III Mains

What is the issue? India’s generation glut in electricity has been exacerbated due to stunted demand, which has brought down prices & left investors in the lurch.   What is the backgr…

August 18, 2017 0 843

Concerns with gene editing

Daily News GS III Mains

What is the issue? Gene editing with CRISPR can eradicate diseases, and it may also lead to mutations with dangerous result. What are the significance of CRISPR? CRISPR are naturally occurring…

August 18, 2017 0 732