Daily News GS II Prelims and Mains

What is Influenza? Influenza is an acute viral infection of the respiratory tract which is considered to be one of the life-threatening infectious diseases. The virus can be transmitted by direct …

April 24, 2017 0 237

Section 295A and 153A of IPC

Daily News GS II Mains

What is the issue? The Supreme Court, in late April 2017, has intervened to spare Mahendra Singh Dhoni the ordeal of facing a criminal trial for allegedly insulting the Hindu religion by being featur…

April 24, 2017 0 259

A review on Agri Welfare

Daily News GS III Mains

Why in news? The following are the review of the measures taken by the government in improving the agriculture sector and welfare of farmers. What is the growth rate of Agri sector? In the first …

April 24, 2017 0 197

Rail Development Authority

Daily News GS II Mains

Why in news? The recently approved rail regulator, the Rail Development Authority (RDA), is expected to rid the Railways of political influence in pricing fares, and improving accountability. Backgr…

April 24, 2017 0 201

Prelim Bits 23-04-2017

Daily News Prelim Bits

First underwater metro tunnel The tunnel is constructed inside the bed of Hoogly River in West Bengal, the first under river tunnel in India. The two tunnels running parallel will connect the twi…

April 23, 2017 0 833

Retrospective Tax Amendment

Daily News GS II GS III Mains

Why in news? The Income Tax authorities slapped Rs. 30,700 crore penalty on Cairn Energy, the erstwhile U.K. parent of India’s largest private sector crude oil producer, Cairn India. The tax…

April 23, 2017 0 320

India’s membership in the International Energy Agency

Daily News GS II Mains

Why in news? India joined the ranks of the IEA’s membership as a “Member by Associate". What is the history? India had been engaging with the organisation long before the members…

April 23, 2017 0 343

Fighting Climate Change

Daily News GS I GS III Mains

What is the issue? NASA aims to send humans to Mars in the 2030s and its fitness for hosting human colonies is being assessed. This is an exciting quest but somewhere in this endeavour lies the re…

April 23, 2017 0 288

Ending VIP Culture

Daily News GS II Mains

Why in news? The Union Cabinet has decided to disallow the use of the red beacon on vehicles on India’s roads. What happened? Starting May 1, only vehicles on emergency services, such as am…

April 23, 2017 0 276

The term ‘Unsound Mind’

Daily News GS II Mains

What is the issue? The term ‘unsound mind’ appears frequently in Indian law. The Constitution of India disqualifies a person from being a MP or MLA, “if he is of unsound mind and…

April 23, 2017 0 321