Disaster Managment

Mumbai Floods – An Analysis of the institutional responses

Daily News GS III Disaster Managment

Why in news? Mumbai recently received the highest ever 24 hour rainfall for the August month since 1997. How did the government & community respond? With excessive rains devastating Mumbai, t…

September 02, 2017 0 938

Mumbai Floods – An analysis

Daily News GS III Disaster Managment

What is the issue? Flooding seems to recur almost every year in Mumbai, with this year being particularly severe. How does Mumbai’s drainage network look? Massive underground sewers built …

August 31, 2017 0 1260

Floods - an opportunity for Assam

Daily News GS III Disaster Managment

What is the issue? The Prime Minister has recently announced he would appoint a high-powered committee to find “a permanent solution” for Assam’s recurring flood problem. Ecologi…

August 26, 2017 0 1104

Dealing with Floods

Editorial GS III Disaster Managment

What is the issue? Recent floods in Assam and parts of north-east call for a shift from relief measures to building resilience in flood-prone areas. Why is the north-east vulnerable? Flooding is …

August 16, 2017 0 1431

Disaster Response

Daily News GS III Mains

What is the issue? Recent floods in parts of eastern and western India have left many dead and displacing thousands. This has increased the need for a massive capacity-building programme to deal w…

August 01, 2017 0 1464

Assam Floods Part II

Daily News GS III Mains

Click here for Part I What was the issue? The recent floods in Assam highlighted the role played by humans in destabilizing the flood plain ecosystem and animals life. What are the advantages of fl…

July 20, 2017 0 1017

Flood Management - SOP

Editorial GS III Mains

Why in news? The urban development ministry has listed out standard operating procedures (SOP) for concerned departments at various stages of preparedness. The stages involve: early warning, respo…

May 17, 2017 0 1506

Heat Wave

Daily News Geography Optional GS III Prelims and Mains

What is the issue? The heat waves are rising constantly across India. What is a heat wave? The IMD has given the following criteria for Heat Waves: A Heat Wave is a period of abnormally high t…

April 15, 2017 0 1120

Ahmedabad Heat Action Plan

Daily News GS III Mains

Why in news? The Ahmedabad’s Heat Action Plan was unveiled in 2013. It has brought down heat wave linked deaths by up to 25%. What was the condition in Ahmedabad? In May 2010, Ahmedabad…

April 03, 2017 0 854

Bellandur Lake Fire

Daily News GS II GS III Mains

Why in news? Bengaluru’s Bellandur Lake has caught fire for the third time. Why the lake had caught fire? Factories waste and general sewage have led to extreme levels of water pollution in…

February 26, 2017 0 1018