Oil Spill Disaster in the Solomon Islands

Environmentalists and legal experts want a global watchdog to deal with spills.

Lessons from Delhi’s Hotel Fire

Recently, 17 people were killed and three injured after a fire at a hotel in Delhi.

Earthquake Swarm in Palghar, Maharashtra

The Palghar district in northern Maharastra has been witnessing an unusual frequency of earthquakes …

Issues in Addressing Rat-hole Mining Disaster

Illegal rat-hole mining in Meghalaya persists despite ruinous effects on the environment.

Rat-Hole Mining in Meghalaya

A coal mine in Meghalaya’s East Jaintia Hills collapsed recently, trapping at least 15 workers who…

Managing Domestic Hazardous Waste

Beyond the conventional wet and dry waste management, it is now time that domestic hazardous waste i…

Impact of Cyclone Gaja

The extent of damage caused by Cyclone Gaja is much worse than what was believed earlier.

Disaster Management - Cyclone Gaja

Recently, Cyclone Gaja made its landfall between Nagapattinam and Vedaranyam in Tamil Nadu.

Irrigation Potential and Drought - Maharashtra Case

Maharashtra has suffered a drought in 2018 and has sought a drought relief of Rs 7,000 crore from th…

Indonesia’s Challenges in Addressing Disasters

Tax revenues are crucial for nations to counter the threat of natural disasters.
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