Avoiding Economic Slowdown - Central Banks' Policy Shifts

Central banks worldwide are reversing the direction of their monetary policies, a shift from recent …

Rural Wages over the Past Five Years

A study on rural wages over the past 5 years was recently published based on the Labour Bureau data …

Linking of Interest Rates by SBI

Managing Credit Needs to Boost Growth

Managing the credit needs better than now, with right mix in growth among banks, bonds, HFCs, and NB…

Deceleration of GVA in Agri-Sector

In India traditional policies have failed to make agriculture attractive.

RBI Draft Rules on Bank CEO Compensation

The RBI recently released the draft rules on compensation for CEOs and full-time directors of banks.

SEBI's New Rules on Liquid Funds

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) proposed new rules related to liquid funds, in its…

Dealing with Current Account Deficit

The key issue facing India is to sustain high growth with low inflation, and dealing with its Curren…

Evaluation of Universal Basic Income

An evaluation of the necessity, target group and possible outcome of the idea of universal basic inc…

Mutual Funds and Portfolio Managers in Commodity Exchanges - SEBI's Moves

SEBI has decided to permit mutual funds and portfolio managers to transact in commodity exchanges.
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