Evidence Based Policing

July 17, 2017
9 months

What is the issue?

  • The quality of service that people get at grass roots from the police is disatisfying.
  • There is a need to transform the police from a traditional outfit into a modern force to upgrade delivery of its service.

What are the issues with Indian police force?

  • Political interference.
  • Lack of professionalism.
  • Lack of audit by dedicated committee.
  • Lack of infrastructure investment
  • Lack of community support.
  • No counter cyber-attack skills

How to professionalise the police department?   

  • Brainstorming problems of maintaining public order and combating conventional crime.
  • Making plans to acquire a fresh mind-set to cope with the needs of a society under attack.
  • Improvising the manpower and use of new technology.
  • Implementation of scientific approaches like evidence based policing in every day policing activities.

What is evidence based policing (EBP)?

  • Evidence-based policing was a movement launched  in the U.S and the U.K.,
  • It emphasizes the value of statistical analysis and empirical research.
  • When left alone to practice individually, officers often act upon their own perception of the facts, which often turn out to be wrong.
  • EBP rectifies this by stressing to work based on statistics, changing practices and measuring the success of those changes with risk-adjusted outcomes.
  • e.g One strategy is identifying ‘hot spots’ of crime and spotting problematic individuals in a community.
  • The Prediction task requires an analysis of events which are either crimes by themselves or border on crimes defined by law.
  • There are certain geographic areas in each police jurisdiction which report more incidents than others.
  • EBP goes beyond statistics and pinpoints the time and opportunities presented to a potential offender.

  • Monitoring behavioural patterns of a class of individuals who had come to the adverse notice of law enforcement is a logical way to predict whether they will again lapse into crime.


Source: The Hindu

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