Extra judicial killings in Manipur

July 15, 2017
9 months

Why in news?

The Supreme Court has directed a probe by the CBI into the alleged extra-judicial killings by security forces and police in Manipur.

What happened in Manipur?

  • The court was hearing a PIL seeking probe and compensation for around 1,500 alleged extra-judicial killings in Manipur from 2000 to 2012.
  • The case was made against both the security forces and police.
  • Manipur is one of the states where the controversial Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) is in place.
  • AFSPA confers special powers to the armed personnel which includes unwarranted arrest and search in disturbed areas.
  • Various reports and evidences have made serious allegations against armed forces personnel for constant rights violations.

What is the need for a CBI probe?

  • Courts and commissions earlier have proposed elaborate measures to prevent the abuse of immunity.
  • The Army had earlier told the Supreme Court that it cannot be subjected to FIRs for carrying out anti-militancy operations in insurgency hit areas.
  • The army argues that local factors which are biased come in the way of the probe reports which went against the armed forces.
  • This has necessitated an independent probe by CBI.

What impact does the case make?

  • AFSPA has kept the counter-insurgency operations in the north-eastern states opaque.
  • The apex court's decision has sent a clear message that AFSPA does not allow the security forces to use excessive force.
  • The Act must operate with due respect for the rights and freedoms of citizens.


Source: The Indian Express

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