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December 04, 2017
12 months

Examine why does the Bay of Bengal have more cyclones than the Arabian Sea? Also discuss how cyclone Ockhi is different from other cyclones.                                                                                                    (200 words)     

Refer – Indian Express

Enrich the answer from other sources, if the question demands.

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IAS Parliament 11 months


Bay of Bengal Vs Arabian Sea

·        The relatively colder waters of Arabian Sea compared to Bay of Bengal, is not conducive to the formation and intensification of cyclones.

·        Because, cyclone formation requires a warm ocean water of 26-27oC

·        Additionally, the eastern coast of India receives cyclones that form not just in the Bay of Bengal but also those travelling from the Pacific Ocean, where the frequency of ‘typhoons’ is quite high.

·        The cyclones over the Arabian Sea either originate over southeast Arabian Sea or remnants of cyclones from the Bay of Bengal that move across south peninsula.

·        As the majority of Cyclones over the Bay of Bengal weaken over land after landfall, the frequency of migration into Arabian Sea is low.

·        The western coast of India thus witnesses a less number of cyclones compared to Bay of Bengal.

How OCKHI differ

·        Location It originated near the south-western coast of Sri Lanka.

·        After its travel over Tamilnadu, Kerala and Lakshadweep, it takes a north-easterly turn towards the Maharashtra and Gujarat coastlines —cyclones in this area are not a common phenomenon.

·        Severity – It was described as a ‘very severe cyclonic storm’, the third strongest category according to the definitions used by the IMD.

·        Less time to warning – The early forecast of cyclone depends on how far we are from the place where the cyclone is emerging.

·        The origin of Ockhi was much closer to the Indian mainland, thus the lead time for the forecast was much less than in other recent cyclone cases.

·        E.g. many of the big cyclones in recent years, like Phailin, Hudhud and Vardah took about five to six days to hit the Andhra Pradesh or Odisha coasts.

Ananya Murthy 11 months

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IAS Parliament 11 months

First part is good. Need more understanding with the second part of the question. Keep Writing.

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IAS Parliament 11 months

Need some conceptual clarity. Keep Writing.

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IAS Parliament 11 months

Good attempt. Go for more relevant pictures. Keep Writing