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Need for Police Reforms in India

In India it is time for a revamp of the entire Indian criminal justice system.

The Road Accidents in India -  Report

Ministry of Road Transport and Highways recently released “The Road Accidents in India report” f…

Concerns around corporate governance

The growing concerns around corporate governance call for greater examination of the role of directo…

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan – Rajasthan case study

Implementation of the Swachh Bharat Mission in Rajasthan shows that the mission is fraught with its …

National Database on Sexual Offenders

India recently became the ninth country to launch National Database on Sexual Offenders (NDSO).

Statutory Recognition of Trade Unions

Ensuring that trade unions are recognised by central and state ministries is all very well, but that…

Governance Issues - Public sector banks

Bad loans of public sector banks are Snowballing and it poses a systemic risk to the country’s eco…

RBI Regulation of Private Banks

The Reserve Bank of India is said to tighten the regulatory norms for the private banks.

Need for Anti-Surveillance Laws

Countering the Surveillance State

Government has taken several steps to enhance its capacity to monitor citizens