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September 14, 2018
5 months

The Right to be forgotten proposed in the Data Protection Bill poses a severe threat to Right to Information (RTI) and freedom of press. Discuss (200 words)

Refer – The Indian Express

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IAS Parliament 5 months


Right to be forgotten

·         The right allows for the lawful removal of personal information of an individual if such request is made.

·         It can determine the development of one’s life in an autonomous way, without being perpetually or periodically stigmatised as a consequence of a specific action performed in the past.

·         The right to privacy constitutes information that is not publicly known whereas, right to be forgotten involves removing information that was publicly known at a certain time and not allowing third parties to access the information.

·         Section 27 of the draft personal data protection Bill 2018 offers an individual the “right to restrict or prevent continuing disclosure of personal data” or the right to be forgotten.


·         The right to be forgotten might spell a danger to press freedom.

·         Though section 47 provides for journalistic exemptions, it applies only where the journalist demonstrates that the processing is in compliance with any code of ethics issued by -

1.       the Press Council of India (or)

2.      any media self-regulatory organisation

·         These will create additional pre-publication restrictions on citizens and the media, as journalistic publication will be dependent upon the opinion of an adjudicating officer.

·         Besides, freedom to criticise the public personalities for their public policies based on their past statements and activities will be in jeopardy.

·         Also, both CIC (Central Information Commission) and DPA (Data Protection Authority) deals with information disclosure.

·         So a citizen seeking access to such information will be confused on whom to approach.

Sidharth Acharya 5 months

Very pertinent question.

IAS Parliament 5 months

Good attempt. Try to include how the right to be forgotten has brought in pre-publication restrictions which affects the freedom of press. Keep writing.

Manav 5 months

Kindly review. Thanks. 

IAS Parliament 5 months

How it threats RTI and press freedom need to be explained more clearly. Keep writing.

Nandadeep 5 months

Kindly review thanks

IAS Parliament 5 months

Require more clarity. Try writing how the provisions of the bill guaranteeing right to be forgotten poses a threat to RTI and press freedom. Keep writing.
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