Need for Solar Manufacturing Strategy in India

An overview of India's solar manufacturing potentials and shortfalls.

Draft National Education Policy 2019

The draft of National Education Policy has been recently submitted by the Committee led by the Chair…

Draft National Education Policy 2019 - Language Controversy

Following the submission of the draft National Education Policy, there were protests against the thr…

Surat Fire Tragedy

More than 20 students died in a massive fire in a Surat coaching centre.

Economic Priorities for the New Government

With a new government taking office after the General Elections 2019, here is a look at the key econ…

Need for an Industrial Policy in India

The economic developments in the recent times in India demand a dedicated industrial policy to boost…

Protecting Seed Sovereignty - PepsiCo Case

The PepsiCo episode is a wake-up call to secure sustainable rural societies, protect soil health and…

Boosting Private Investments

A key priority for the new government taking office after the general elections 2019 would be to rev…

PepsiCo and Potato Farmers Case

PepsiCo had sued farmers for “illegally growing and selling” a potato variety registered in the …

Gadchiroli Maoist Attack - C-60 Wing

A recent Maoist attack in Gadchiroli in Maharashtra left 15 police commandos of C-60 wing dead.
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