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Economic Condition of Muslims in India

Government intervention is required to improve educational and economic indicators.

Sustainable initiatives for climate change

India stands to suffer most from climate change and its transition to a low carbon economy has to be…

Migrant Caravan - Central American Migration

A trail of migrants has been moving northwards from Honduras and Guatemala, towards Mexico and the U…

Cyclones in the East Coast - Cyclone Titli

Cyclone Titli recently hit the Odisha-Andhra coastal zone.

Need for a New Antique Law

The recent happenings over antique collecting across India draw attention to the shortfalls in the r…

Climate Change and World Heritage Sites

A recent study reveals that the World Heritage sites were threatened by climate change.

Having Two Time Zones for India

A proposal for two time zones has come from the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research’s Nati…

Assessing Green Growth

There is a need to assess the impact of economic growth on the environment and health to get a true …

Renaming of Allahabad

The Uttar Pradesh cabinet recently approved a proposal to rename Allahabad as ‘Prayagraj’.

Sexual Harassment at Workplace - #MeToo movement - II

With the #Me Too movement in place, understanding the aspects associated with the movement and sexua…