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Land Distribution in South Africa

South Africa’s land distribution issue has gained focus with a recent tweet of the U.S. President.

Making Waste-removal Caste-neutral

There's a need for the profession of waste removal to be made caste-neutral.

Indigenous Rationalism in India

There has been a vibrant spirit of rationalist thought in India

Dalai Lama's View on Partition

Dalai Lama recently stated that had Jinnah been made PM, partition could have been avoided

SC/ST Quota in Promotions

The Centre has recently told the Supreme Court that all SC/ST employees must get reservation in prom…

Resolving Mob Violence

Mere anti-lynching laws are less likely to be enough to curtail the menace effectively

Changing Pattern of Women Migration

A paper titled “Mobility in India, recent trends and issues concerning database” was released re…

Women's Entry into Sabarimala Temple

Supreme Court is hearing petitions challenging prohibition of women of 10 to 50 years of age to ente…

Deciphering Mob Lynching

The increase in mob lynching in recent days is becoming a concern.

Affront on the SC/ST (prevention of atrocities) Act

Supreme Court order might weaken the act and help offenders get away.