Treats for Taj mahal

Daily News GS I GS III Infrastructure

What is the issue? Recently Uttar Pradesh government neglected Taj mahal from its tourism brochure, this move could hurt India’s tourism industry. What are the significance of Taj mahal? Th…

October 15, 2017 0 486

Global Hunger Index - India

Daily News GS I GS III Economy

What is the issue? Washington-based International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) has recently released the Global Hunger Index (GHI) report. India's low 100th rank among 119 countries …

October 14, 2017 0 636

UNFCCC Meet - Challenges Ahead

Daily News GS I GS II Bilateral/International Relations

What is the issue? Discussions on the Paris Agreement are expected to be the prime agenda in the upcoming UNFCCC's Conference of Parties in Bonn, Germany. However, a range of challenges lies a…

October 10, 2017 0 833

A Normal Monsoon - Not For Crops

Daily News GS I Geography

What is the issue? Indian Metrological Department has recognised the latest south-west monsoon rainfall as 'normal' in statistical terms. However, the spatial and temporal distribution of …

October 09, 2017 0 902

The Mathamma system

Daily News GS I GS II Social Justice

What is the issue? Devadasi system is still prevalent with a name of Mathamma system in few parts of south India. What is Devadasi system? It’s a practice that is widely believed to have be…

October 08, 2017 0 1530

Extreme Rainfall events - Central Indian Region

Daily News GS I Geography

What is the issue? There is an increase in occurrence of extreme rainfall events in the central Indian region in recent years. Reports suggest that an increased supply of moisture from Arabian Sea…

October 06, 2017 1 833

Casteism & Gujarat

Daily News GS I Society

Why in news? Caste related violence has been a regular occurrence lately in Gujarat. Studies also point to rampant discrimination against Dalits in rural areas of the state.  What are the r…

October 04, 2017 0 690

Prediction errors of IMD

Daily News GS I Geography

Why in news? Recently IMD has made an error in predicting the monsoon. What are the functions of IMD? The India Meteorological Department (IMD), is an agency of the Ministry of Earth Sciences, re…

October 03, 2017 0 753

Islamic modernity

Daily News GS I Society

What is the issue? Retrospective views among few Muslims make them into images of violence and gender oppression, such views need to be modernised. What Islam actually preach? From its earliest d…

September 30, 2017 0 638

Remembering Deendayal Upadhyay

Editorial GS I History

Why in news? The country is commemorating the birth centenary celebrations of Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay. A scrutiny at his principles and philosophies, and their relevance in present day India thu…

September 21, 2017 0 892