IMD Statement on Climate of India in 2018

A recently released IMD (India Meteorological Department) statement shows 2018 as the sixth warmest …

Bridging gender gap in India

India’s gender gap is best bridged by improving ease of doing business for women and increasing th…

Harappan Excavations in Haryana

Near-complete skeletal remains are excavated in Rakhigarhi

UP's New Levy for Cow Protection

The Uttar Pradesh government has decided to impose a 2% Gau Raksha (cow welfare) cess on excise item…

Importance of victim impact assessment

Mainstreaming the victims of crimes is necessary for a fair trial and hence it is time to make victi…

Significance of Bogibeel Bridge in Assam

Bogibeel, the longest rail-road bridge of India, was recently inaugurated by the Prime Minister.

Tackling air pollution

Most Indian cities will become unliveable in the future if there is no pro-active and decisive actio…

Air Pollution and Unlivable Indian Cities

According to WHO out of top 10 most polluting world cities nine are in India.

Children Empowerment on Addressing Climate Change

A solid syllabus can enable children to hold governments to account on sustainability.

Bulandshahr mob violence

Two persons, including a station house officer, were shot dead in mob violence in the Bulandshahr vi…
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