Harappan Excavations in Haryana

Near-complete skeletal remains are excavated in Rakhigarhi

Understanding the Tribes of Andaman

An American National was allegedly killed recently by Sentinelese tribes of A&N Islands

Need for a New Antique Law

The recent happenings over antique collecting across India draw attention to the shortfalls in the r…

Climate Change and World Heritage Sites

A recent study reveals that the World Heritage sites were threatened by climate change.

Indigenous Rationalism in India

There has been a vibrant spirit of rationalist thought in India

Conserving Taj Mahal

Despite about 3 decades of efforts, there seems little improvement

Mapping IVC’s Rainfall Patterns

A recent research shows that IVC was at its peak during its wettest phase

Harappan Necropolis – Haryana

Harappan excavations carried out in Rakhigarhi in Haryana has revealed new findings about IVC.

Neanderthals - The Artistic Humans

Europe based study has proved that Neanderthals are more artistic than Homo sapiens

Theatre Olympics in India

The 2018 edition of Theatre Olympics fest will be hosted by India
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