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Sale of Enemy Property

The Cabinet approved the sale of ‘enemy shares’ that are in the custody of the Ministry of Home …

NGT ruling on INO Observatory

NGT upheld the environmental clearance granted to the INO recently.

Replacement of Prime Minister in Sri Lanka - II

Sri Lankan President dissolved the Parliament after the recent replacement of the Prime Minister.

Rationalisation of road spaces

Traffic situation in developing nations are becoming a matter of concern wherein big cities among th…

Reasons to Reveal Wilful Defaulters Names

There is a need to reveal the names of wilful defaulters to begin insolvency process and to reclaim …

Eradicating TB

Becoming the first nation to eradicate TB will be a giant leap and India can serve as a global leade…

New scheme to boost MSME sector

The central government has launched the ‘Support and Outreach Initiative’ for micro, small and m…

Impact of US-China trade war on India

There is a real opportunity for India to take advantage of the US-China trade war which has reached …

Impact of US mid-term Elections

The results of the U.S. midterm elections will have an effect on the foreign policies.

Public Spat between RBI and Government

There are huge concerns over the issues which are being debated by the RBI and the government.