Year End Review 2018, NITI Aayog - Part -I

An overview of NITI Aayog's contributions over the year

Inclusion of pre-packs in IBC

There has been a speculation recently about the introduction of pre-packs in the Indian insolvency r…

Implants File Investigation and Indian Regulations

Implants Files investigation is a global examination of the medical device industry and its overseer…

Regulatory changes in ATM operations

The Confederation of ATM Industry (CATMi) raised concerns on the regulatory changes proposed recentl…

RBI’s Decision on Economic Capital

It’s time to reset the fractured RBI-government relationship and ensure a harmonious path ahead.

RBI Board Meeting – Highlights II

The issue of banks’ capital norms and PCA framework between centre and the RBI appears to have bee…

RBI Board Meeting - Highlights

The meeting of the Board of Directors of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) was held recently.

CBI vs States – Withdrawal of general consent

The Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal governments recently withdrew general consent to the CBI for inve…

RBI-Centre Tussle – II

RBI-government relationship needs to be managed in a changed macroeconomic policy regime.

RBI's Central Board of Directors

The RBI Governor has convened a meeting of the RBI's Central Board of Directors to discuss on variou…
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