Education Ecosystem for the 4th Industrial Revolution

With the Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR) in the making, it is essential that India’s higher educ…

Transforming Education Outcomes in India

States should adopt a systemic approach to transforming education outcomes in India, drawing lessons…

Increase in Working-age Population

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) carried out population projections up to the year 2061.

Issues with Dimming Women Workforce

Reaching gender parity in workforce would have a bigger impact in India and promotes socio-cultural …

Rethinking on Engineering Education in India

Engineering education in India needs a serious rethink and reorientation of strategies. 

India in 'Programme for International Student Assessment'

Indian government has recently decided to take part in the Programme for International Student Asses…

Importance of research in UG curriculum

There are growing demands that research should be made part of UG curriculum in India.

Issues with Teachers’ quota in Universities

The Supreme Court recently dismissed a Special Leave Petition filed by the HRD Ministry against a 20…

Pitfalls in Navodya Vidyalaya Model

Navodaya Vidyalayas exemplify a government initiative that has lost its purpose. 

India’s Prospects & Challenges in R&D Sector 

India must drastically increase R&D expenditure as well as reform policy in key research areas to ad…
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