Niti Aayog’s Governing Council

Daily News GS II Mains

Why in news? The third meeting of the Niti Aayog’s Governing Council held recently with the main agenda of deliberating on the 15-year Vision Document to accelerate the country’s economic…

April 25, 2017 0 356

Electoral Bonds Part II

Daily News GS II Mains

Click here to read about Electoral Bonds What is the issue? The Government is set to introduce a scheme offering political bonds as bearer instruments which will conceal the identity of the bond buy…

April 22, 2017 0 307

Internet Governance

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Why in news? Brazilian society celebrates three years of the enactment of the Internet Bill of Rights (Marco Civil da Internet). Internet Bill of Rights: It is the first ever national law to &ldqu…

April 21, 2017 0 250

Corporate Governance

Daily News GS II Mains

Click here to read about Removal of Independent Directors. What is the issue? Even though in reality, in many ‘promoter-run’ companies, the original promoter’s stake may have bee…

April 09, 2017 0 376

Reforming Bureaucracy

Daily News GS II Mains

Why in news? The Government is considering to step up lateral movement of experienced officers from various Central and State services at the level of joint secretary to bridge over the shortfall of …

March 29, 2017 0 511

Lessons from NITI Aayog

Daily News GS II Mains

What is the issue? NITI Aayog’s framed new recruitment rules for senior people (Additional and Joint Secretary rank). What is the present recruitment model? The human capital for Government…

March 27, 2017 0 634

Separate time zone for Northeast

Editorial GS II Prelims and Mains

Why in news? The Gauhati High Court has dismissed a PIL seeking a direction from the Central government to notify a separate time zone for the Northeast. What did the judgment say? Legislators, i…

March 25, 2017 0 739

Police Reform

Editorial GS II Mains

Why in news? Supreme Court bench declined the plea of a lawyer demanding immediate action to usher in major police reforms in the country. What is the history of Police Commissions? After almost …

March 09, 2017 1 935

Corporate Partnerships

Daily News GS II Mains

What is the issue? Consolidation in India’s overcrowded telecommunications industry was perhaps inevitable. It all started in November, 2015, when Reliance Communications agreed to acquire S…

March 01, 2017 0 649

Lessons from ISRO

Editorial GS II Governance

Why in news? ISRO recently launched 104 satellites from a single rocket. What is ISRO? The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is the space agency of the Gover…

February 18, 2017 0 539