Merger of PFC and REC

Union Cabinet has approved the sale of a majority stake in Rural Electrification Corporation (REC) t…

Financial Literacy for Financial Inclusion

Despite universal access to bank account, the level of usage of accounts remains quite low.

Year End Review 2018 - Department of Sports (Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports)

A recap of major initiatives, activities, programmes and achievements under the Department of Sports…

Need for Citizenship (Amendment) Bill

To address issues in the Citizenship Act of 1955, the Citizenship Amendment Bill was proposed in 201…

National Health Authority

The NITI Aayog has recently proposed the creation of a new National Health Authority.

Highlights of Year End Review 2018 - Department of Youth Affairs (Ministry Of Youth Affairs & Sports)

A recap on key initiatives, achievements, activities and programmes of Department of Youth Affairs (…

Concerns with Generic-Only Model

The concerns with quality of the generics call for a re look on the generic-only model.

Jammu & Kashmir Resettlement Law

The “Jammu & Kashmir resettlement law” was challenged and the Supreme Court is soon to hear it.

Ending the APMC Monopoly - Maharashtra Ordinance

The Maharashtra government intends to bring back the Ordinance on Agriculture Produce Market Committ…

Common Geographical Indication Logo

Recently, the Minister for Commerce and Industry unveiled a tricolour logo that is common for all Ge…