A Glass Half Full – World Bank Report

World Bank released ‘A Glass Half Full: The Promise of Regional Trade in South Asia’ report rece…

Concerns with Indo-Nepal relationship

Despite several attempts at a reset, ties between India and Nepal continue to be a cause of concern.

Af-Pak Relationship

A brief look into the new dynamics in the Af-Pak relations.

Indo-Pak Gurdwara Corridor

The gurdwara at Kartarpur stands at the site of the final resting place of the first Sikh Guru.

Comparison of Constitutional Aspects - India and Pakistan

A comparison between India and Pakistan in key government and law aspects

Hopes for Reviving Indo-Pak Bilateral Trade

There are immense benefits involved in this for both the countries

Sharif’s Story and Pakistan’s Future

Pakistan is currently seeing a major political churn

Revitalising BIMSTEC

The Geo-political scenario calls for revitalising BIMSTEC’s role

Reviving Neighbourhood First Policy

Forging a China-India-Pakistan-Bangladesh axis would be a game changer for all of South Asia.

Indo-Pak and West Asian Geopolitics

Iran’s equations vis-à-vis Pakistan could be an irritant for India in the long run