World Population 2019 Report - UNFPA

The World Population 2019 report of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) was released recently…

Implementation Hassles in the Forest Right Act

The Centre, in cooperation with the States, must implement the Forest Rights Act in the right spirit…

Realigning India's Social Protection System

India’s prosperous future will largely depend on how its social protection system evolves and alig…

Dealing with Decline in Female Workforce Participation

The female labour force participation rate (FLFPR) has dropped from around 31% in 2011-12 to around …

Report on Magnitude of Substance Use in India

The Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment recently released the 'Magnitude of Substance Use in In…

Concerns with Contractual Work in India

Sanitation workers in India represent a wider phenomenon of exploitative contractual work in the cou…

Blackface - An Offensive American Stereotype

Blackface depictions have brought to light the continuing racial prejudices

Transferring Trial - Muzaffarpur Shelter Home Case

Muzaffarpur shelter home case transferred to a court in Delhi

Implementation Hurdles in MGNREGA

Data manipulation in the MGNREGA is leading to gross violations in its implementation.

Increasing Youth Suicides in India

The rising number of suicide cases must provoke a discussion on how outcomes of education are percei…
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