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Promoting Waterways

The Shipping Ministry has allowed foreign flagged vessels to transport fertiliser between Indian por…

Focus on Renewable Energy

India will host the second edition of RE-Invest, its largest investor conference for renewables soon…

Issues with external account

India’s external account faces several structural issues that needs to be addressed.

Hike in Small Savings Interest Rates

The Centre has announced increases of 30-50 basis points in rates payable on its post office savings…

The Driest September in 17 years

The September of 2018 has seen a rainfall deficiency of 22.3% until the third week.

External Sector Turbulence

India’s external sector is becoming more vulnerable and less resilient due to various issues.

Cauvery Basin – Ecological concerns

Voices have been raised against the proposal of railway lines in Cauvery river basin in recent times…

Changes in Mutual Fund Regulations – II

SEBI recently announced changes in rules governing mutual fund.

Tremors in the Stock Market

Sensex nosedives intraday before institutional buying in select index stocks restores order.

Significance of Bamboo Cultivation

Bamboo’s multiple uses as well as rapid regeneration make it the ideal agro-forestry choice.