Discovery of Fast Radio Burst

The discovery of a second fast radio burst repeater from deep space will re-energise search for extr…

Chang’e-4 spacecraft – China

China recently launched Chang’e-4 spacecraft, which has landed on the dark side of the moon

GSAT-7A Launch - GSLV-F11

ISRO launched the communication satellite, GSAT-7A with GSLV-F11 (Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Ve…

Internet of Things

Though Internet of Things throws up several data privacy challenges, India must push ahead.

Utilising Blockchain in India’s Supply Chain Network

The blockchain can be used in a novel way to bridge the gaps in India’s supply chain.

Potentials of Genetic Modification

Despite the critical views on Genetic Modification (GM), there have been substantial benefits out of…

Gene Editing in a Human Embryo – II

A Chinese academic recently claimed that he had successfully created the world’s first genetically…

Gene editing in a human embryo

A Chinese researcher recently made a claim that he had altered the genes of a human embryo that even…

NASA’s Mars InSight Probe

NASA’s Mars InSight probe has reached its destination and touched down near the red planet’s equ…

India’ Microbiome Research Potential

India has a vast potential for microbiome research but the field of study is still in its infancy.In…
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