August 10, 2018
7 months

Why in news?

  • Southwest monsoon has caused a series of floods and landslides in several districts of Kerala.
  • One of the five shutters of the Cheruthoni dam on Idukki reservoir was opened as waters rose close to the maximum storage level.

Why is Idukki significant?

  • Idukki is one of the largest arch dams in Asia that was commissioned in 1975.
  • The Idukki lake sprawls across Kerala’s lifeline Periyar river.
  • It was created by the arch dam of Idukki, and the smaller Cheruthoni and Kulamavu dams.
  • The Idukki arch dam has no shutters.
  • The Cheruthoni dam has been opened only twice (1981 and 1992), both during the northeast monsoon.
  • The recent one is the third time and after a gap of 26 years.
  • Notably, this is the first time that the dam was opened due to rains from southwest monsoon.


How is the southwest monsoon in Kerala?

  • Kerala as a whole has received 15% excess rain and Idukki district got 41% excess until the first week of August.
  • Persistent rain since the onset of the monsoon has left Idukki and other reservoirs downstream overflowing.
  • The dam was opened to ease the pressure of water on the Idukki hydel reservoir.
  • Also, for the first time, shutters of 22 dams including Idamalayar were opened due to heavy rains. 


Source: Indian Express

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