India and UN Human rights commission

September 13, 2017
9 months

Why in news?

India’s procrastination attitude has received strong criticism from UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Why India’s move is distressing UN?

  • Universal Periodic Review (UPR) of UN pertained to restrictions presently placed against civil society, freedom of association, media freedoms, and ratification of the UN Convention against Torture, India has no plans on these advices.
  • India’s carefreeness on human rights or democratic behavioural norms are distressing UN,if un-noticed the concern about India will be overtaken by concerns elsewhere Yemen, Syria, Myanmar.
  • It is 20 years since it signed the Convention against Torture but has not found the time to ratify it.
  • It has not reported to the UN Human Rights Committee, a requirement under the UN Civil and Political Rights Convention since 1997, where the reporting cycle is four years.
  • India signed the Convention for the Protection of all persons from Enforced Disappearance 10 years ago, it is yet to ratify it by passing a domestic law.
  • India last reported to the Committee on the Elimination of all forms of Racial Discrimination 10 years ago.
  • Supreme Court of India follows normal procedure on the hearing on the government’s intention to deport Rohingya refugees.
  • UN high commission also commented on the climate of fear amongst not only the minorities but among large numbers of citizen of India.

What are the series of Human rights violations in India?

  • There are broader rises of intolerance towards religious and other minorities in India.
  • The current wave of violent, and often lethal, mob attacks against people under the pretext of protecting the lives of cows is alarming.
  • Many human rights defenders are subject to harassment and even criminal proceedings, or denied protection by the State, and threatened by right wing extremists.
  • The treatment of Africans in India has shocked world opinion and it will continue to revisit us in all international fora.
  • There are series of disappearance of Muslim civilians in Kashmir and Muslim students of reputed universities who comment on the government.
  • Many states deploy their police forces to go rounds of Rohingya homes in Jammu, Jaipur, Delhi and Hyderabad, intimidating an already beleaguered community.


Source: Indian Express



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