India's Stance on Israel-Palestine

January 12, 2018
1 year

What is the issue?

Advocating the Israel-Palestine peace process is vital for India to restore its influence in West Asia.

How is India-Israel ties transforming?

  • Traditionally India has aligned its decisions on UN Assembly and the bilateral ties with Israel based on a pro-Palestinian stance.
  • In his visit to Israel last year, Indian PM Modi decided not to visit the Palestinian territories.
  • The decision came from a determination to “de-hyphenate” relations with Israel and Palestine.
  • This means that India will have its bilateral strategic ties with Israel irrespective of its political stance on Israel-Palestine issue.
  • This was underlined in the India-Israel joint statement, which did not refer to the two-state solution.
  • It also did not mention the status of Jerusalem, and not even call for an early resumption of the Israel-Palestine peace process.
  • India and Israel instead focussed on strengthening bilateral ties.
  • Israel PM's upcoming visit to India will give this relationship an added fillip.

Is the transformation consistent?

  • India's statements and decisions are far from confirming to its claims of de-hyphenated relations with Israel and Palestine.
  • Modi is expected to raise the need to pursue the two-state solution with Mr. Netanyahu directly during the India visit.
  • He is also expected to travel to Palestine in the next few months, and receive Jordanian King Abdullah II in New Delhi.
  • At a recent Non-Aligned Ministerial, India's Foreign Minister called India’s support to the Palestinian cause a “reference point” in its foreign policy.
  • It was also affirmed that India’s “expanding relations” in the region will “only strengthen the Palestinian cause”.
  • Above all, the shift was evident when India voted for a resolution criticising the U.S. for recognising Jerusalem as the Israeli capital. Click here to know more.

What was the need for such dynamic position?

  • India’s position is explained as a desire to reassert its leadership role on the multilateral stage.
  • This is in keeping with the special place and moral position India has always assumed on the peace process, and its support to a just solution.


Source: The Hindu

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