Issues with Power sector

The absence of a legal framework in dealing with PPP contracts is resulting in a lot of stress in th…

TRAI Directives to Cable and DTH Operators

The tariff order on broadcasting and cable services issued by the TRAI is set to become effective on…

Importance of Steel Industry

Production and consumption of Steel is increasing in India and is likely to play a major role in the…

Issues with Power Subsidy

Despite higher financial burden to the state from the subsidised electricity supply to the farmers, …

Challenges in PSUs

PSUs run up huge losses and operate in redundant areas, merely serving the vested interests of burea…

Challenges in MSME Sector

The regulatory framework that has choked MSMEs has contributed to farm crisis and quota demands.

Concerns with Jaitapur nuclear power plant

The Indian government has to be transparent on the project details of the Jaitapur nuclear power pla…

Rat-Hole Mining in Meghalaya – II

The Meghalaya government must urgently ensure that all illegal mines are shut down and employment of…

Need for a Coal Commission for India

With the increasing emphasis on transition to renewables, India is moving away from coal.

Addressing Issues with UDAY

UDAY scheme to turnaround stressed state electricity boards (SEBs) looked too ambitious.
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