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Promoting Waterways

The Shipping Ministry has allowed foreign flagged vessels to transport fertiliser between Indian por…

Focus on Renewable Energy

India will host the second edition of RE-Invest, its largest investor conference for renewables soon…

Challenges before Indian Aviation Industry

The domestic airlines industry, despite strong traction on growth, is facing challenging times.

Reasons behind Kerala Flood - Post Analysis

The deluge in Kerala was made worse by inefficient management of 34 dams.

Transforming Urban Mobility - III

Urban commutes can be made more efficient by having a wide variety of travel modes and seamless conn…

Transforming Urban Mobility - II

Countries need focus on not just E-vehicles but mass and shared transit capacity as well.

Transforming Urban Mobility - I

It is high time that India prepares for a rapid increase in demand for mobility.

Storing Foodgrains in the Open

India stores millions of tonnes of foodgrains in the open under tarpaulins.

Disaster Proofing of Telecommunications - Kerala Floods

There were major failures in communications services during the recent Kerala floods.

Concerns with A&N Island Development

Andaman & Nicobar administration and NITI Aayog will organize an investors’ meet in New Delhi.