In the backdrop of recent rail accidents in India, are advanced bullet train projects a right option for investment? Analyse.



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IAS Parliament

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The MAHSR Project is the first of its kind in India using Japan’s Shinkansen technology - also known as Bullet Train technology.

Advantages of MAHSR project

·        Economic benefits - Infrastructure development and job creation.

·        This project could provide an important boost to public investment.

·        The soft funding of the project by the Japanese government is an additional advantage, which brings the two countries together and provides significant economic benefits.

·        It would also generate significant employment for a large number of unskilled workers.

·        Technological development - A dedicated High Speed Rail training institute is being developed at Vadodara helps in improving our technical knowledge about Shinkansen technology.

·        Indian companies could take in the new technologies and could potentially become suppliers to HSR contracts worldwide.

·        HSR systems are around three times more fuel-efficient than aeroplanes and five times more fuel-efficient than cars, thus reducing India’s carbon footprint.

·        Acts as a foundation for the future development of other high-speed corridors in India.

·        Cultural transformation through a demonstrated ability to implement large projects and improve safety.

Safety vs New Projects

·        At the same time, it is important for Indian government to have a balanced approach towards infrastructure development as well as the safety of the operations.

·        Most of the rail safety issues arise due to operational difficulties such as negligence during operations and absence of robust inspection mechanisms. 

·        So, neglecting the infrastructural development in the view of rail safety issues is a misnomer.