August 10, 2018
7 months

Critically examine the challenges that have been ailing the pharmaceutical industry in India and suggest measures to overcome such challenges. (200 words)

Refer – Financial Express

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IAS Parliament 6 months

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IAS Parliament 6 months


Challenges & Solutions

·         Poor investment in healthcare – Public investment in healthcare is still struggling to touch the 2% GDP mark, which is not only affecting the hospital industry, but the pharmaceutical industry as well.

·         A 1-2% increase in investment in healthcare, and perhaps a minimum dedicated investment for the pharmaceutical industry, will give the industry the required boost to strengthen its manufacturing output and upgrade quality standards across the board.

·         Ensuring a level-playing field – The existing focus has been on promoting low-scale, indigenous manufacturing enterprises, to push unbranded generic medicines at a cheaper rate.

·         While the same may seem beneficial for the poor, it should be allowed only when domestic entities match quality standards with the medicines exported to other countries.

·         Low quality is not only detrimental to the credibility of the industry at large, but also to the health of the nation.

·         Regulatory authorities such as the CDSCO should be empowered to ensure compliance.

·         Limit the medicines subjected to price control – Research and development, coupled with the entire manufacturing process, and added quality checking mechanisms such as pharmacovigilance, all add to manufacturing cost.

·         Extending the number of medicines subjected to price control will adversely affect the production of quality products, in order to maintain sustainability.

·         Ensuring quality standards – Stronger guidelines for manufacturing drugs, due diligence in maintaining data integrity, and implementation of strong hygiene policy are essential elements to ensure quality standards.

Way Ahead

·         The government has recently provided much hope and positivity, by initiating the draft Pharmaceutical Policy 2017, which lays significant focus on the quality concerns challenging the industry.

·         More such initiatives are required, and at a fast pace, for India to dominate the global pharmaceutical industry.

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