Internal Security

Petya Ransomware Attack

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Why in news? Petya ransomware hit operations at one of the three terminals at Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT) What is Petya? Petya is a ransomware, similar to the Wannacry attack. It is par…

June 28, 2017 0 71

Misleading Indian security forces

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Why in news? Security agencies, which operate under the protective umbrella of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) in the Northeast, have been in the dock for rights violations frequently i…

May 29, 2017 0 262

Fighting the Ransomware

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Why in news? Ransomware has been contained globally, but the threat is not completely eliminated. What is the issue? One group of hackers picked up cyber tools stolen by another from America&rsqu…

May 24, 2017 0 299

Digital literacy

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Why in news? The recent massive ransomware (Wannacry) attack has hit lakhs of computers worldwide last week. India was one of the worst-affected countries, with nearly 10% of impacted computers lo…

May 21, 2017 0 382


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Why in news? New Virus, Ransomware becoming a global threat in day-to-day computer handling. The phenomenon that users of computers and researchers in cyber security were witness to from, May 13 h…

May 16, 2017 0 574

Integrated Theatre Commands

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Why in news? A committee appointed by the Defence Ministry has recommended creating 3 integrated theatre commands of the Indian armed forces. Northern, western and southern, instead of the 17 in p…

May 11, 2017 0 1024

Joint Doctrine of Armed Forces

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What is the issue? The Joint Doctrine of the Indian Armed Forces 2017 has formally embedded Surgical Strikes as a part of sub-conventional operations — meaning that from now on, they are among …

May 08, 2017 0 644

Cyber Security

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What is the issue? McKinsey report says, "Despite years of effort, and tens of billions of dollars spent annually, the global economy is still not sufficiently protected against cyber attacks an…

May 07, 2017 0 467

Digital Ministers Meeting

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Why in news? Germany convened the first-ever G20 “digital ministers” meeting. What is the significance? Cyber-attacks cost the global economy nearly $450 billion. So the G20 digital …

May 05, 2017 0 384

Persisting dangers of Maoists

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What is the issue? Described by Ex-PM Dr. Manmohan Singh as “India’s biggest internal security threat”, the recent attack by the Maoists is a sign of their waning strength, although …

May 04, 2017 0 391