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There is a need for customised cyber security policy for each ministry and department. Comment.



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10 days

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10 days

In olden days it requires lakhs  and lakhs of soldiers , bloodshed to capture a territory but in the age of internet a small hack can influence  a democratic election .

soon the number of mobile phones will over take the number of people on this planet, in such a situation everything will be on internet bases from connecting with friends , banking , storing personal information etc.

Even it totally changed the governance model to DIGITAL INDIA PROGRAMME , in such a situation some threats like BITCOINS, ramsonware virus are the challenges.  

Need focustomised cyber security policy for each ministry and department :-

* each ministry has different policy/programmes for example min of space contains very important techonology data regarding (missiles/launch vechiles) for that a specific data security programme should be developed to safeguard the datas. 

wheres for the RBI/banking a special cyber security is needed to safeguard the online transactions.

in similar way each ministry requires a cyber security policy ,since the challenges and threats varies with departments so a  single cyber security policy for all is not a good ideas , the recent COMPUTER EMERGENCY RESPONSE TEAM is an welcoming initiative but is not enough , we should use of friendly relationship with ISRAEL to update our self with cyber security technology.