Prelim Bits 11-01-2017



Rift Valley Fever:

  • Rift Valley fever (RVF) is a viral zoonosis that primarily affects animals but can also infect humans.
  • RVF virus is a member of the Phlebovirus genus. The virus was first identified in 1931 in the Rift Valley of Kenya.
  • The incubation period for RVF varies from 2 to 6 days.
  • The majority of human infections results from contact with the blood or organs of infected animals and from the bites of infected mosquitoes
  • Till date, no human-to-human transmission of RVF virus has been documented.



  • Elizabethkingia is a genus of bacteria commonly found in the environment worldwide.
  • It has been detected in soil, river water and reservoirs.
  • It has caused meningitis in newborn babies and meningitis or bloodstream and respiratory infections in people with weakened immune systems.


Street Light Replacement Programme:

  • Under this Programme, Ministry of Power has undertaken steps to replace all the street lights with LED’s to reduce the greenhouse gas emission.
  • It is the World’s Largest Street Light Replacement Programme.
  • It is being implemented by the Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL), a joint venture under the Ministry of Power, Government of India.
  • EESL has also employed Centralised Control and Monitoring System (CCMs) for real-time information on energy consumption and remote monitoring of the street lights.



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