Prelim Bits 01-01-2017



First fully Organic State:

  • Sikkim, after India’s cleanest title, it also becomes the first fully organic state.
  • Agricultural lands in the state were gradually converted to certified organic land by implementing practices and principles according to guidelines laid down in National Programme for Organic Production.
  • The National Programme for Organic Production standards for production and accreditation system has been recognized by European Commission and Switzerland.


Road-mobile launcher test of Agni-IV:

  • Agni-IV also called as Agni Prime will be flight tested from a road-mobile launcher on the Abdul Kalam Island (earlier called as Wheeler Island).
  • Agni – IV is a two-stage, surface-to-surface missile that is 20 metres long and weighs 17 tonnes.
  • It can carry a one-tonne nuclear warhead over a distance of 4,000 km.
  • The army has already deployed the missile.


Climate-smart villages:

  • Madhya Pradesh has started an ambitious plan to develop 1100 climate-smart villages with an aim to prepare farmers to manage the climate change risks.
  • The villages in the agro-climatic zones will be taken up under the National Agriculture Development Programme and Indian National Mission on Sustainable Agriculture.
  • The focus on Climate-smart villages will be on integrated agriculture which comprises animal husbandry, fisheries in addition to traditional farming.



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