Prelim Bits 19-02-2019

Guru Ravidas, National Cyber Forensic Lab, Tagore Award for Cultural harmony etc.,

Karnataka - Priority for Kannadigas in Private Sector Jobs

100% reservation for Kannadigas in Group C and D jobs in private establishments

Heading for an Economic Recession in 2020

Nobel laureate Paul Krugman recently warned that the world’s biggest economy, the US, could be hea…

Concerns with Contractual Work in India

Sanitation workers in India represent a wider phenomenon of exploitative contractual work in the cou…

Issues with Power sector

The absence of a legal framework in dealing with PPP contracts is resulting in a lot of stress in th…

Issues with Judges’ recusal

Judges must give their reasons in writing for recusing themselves from specific cases

Prelim Bits 18-02-2019

660 km Boundary, LADIS portal, National Security Act, etc.

US Emergency Declaration - Mexico Border Wall Issue

U.S. President Donald Trump declares national emergency to build US-Mexico border wall.

Pulwama Terror Attack – An Evaluation of India's Options

With the recent Pulwama terror attack, it is imperative to look at India's responses to terror attac…

Rethinking on Engineering Education in India

Engineering education in India needs a serious rethink and reorientation of strategies. 
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