Prelim Bits 22-04-2019

Assam Accord, Citizenship Amendment Bill, SEEDS report, TKDL and etc.

Prelim Bits 20-04-2019

RECs, Hydroponics, Asian Tea Alliance, World Freedom Index, and etc.

Sudan - Bashir's Ousting and Military Rule

Sudan has been witnessing countrywide protests, leading to a military intervention recently.

Draft Indian Forest Act, 2019 - II

An overview of the objective, rationale and implications of the draft law

Draft Indian Forest Act, 2019

The draft Indian Forest Act, 2019 was recently released by the Union government, proposing an overha…

Pakistan and IMF Programme

Given its poor state of economy, Pakistan is in the process of making a deal with the International …

Credibility Concerns with Election Commission

The EC has come under the scanner like never before with increasing incidents of breach of the Model…

China's Growth after Slowdown

The Chinese economy grew at 6.4% in the first quarter of the current year, much faster than what was…

Prelim Bits 19-04-2019

Western Disturbances, UNESCO Geo Park, Helium Hydride Ion, Genome Sequencing and etc.

Prelim Bits 18-04-2019

Indo-Pacific Division, Tiger Census, Microplastics, Zinc Deficiency and etc.
UPSC Admissions 2019