Prelim Bits 08-06-2019

National Communal Harmony Awards, Fund Transfer Systems in India, Leverage Ratio, New START treaty a…

Prelim Bits 07-06-2019

Ancient North Siberians, Folk arts of Himachal Pradesh, Shortwave Radio Transmissions, Olive Ridley …

Prelim Bits 06-06-2019

Emission Trading Scheme, International Disability Alliance, Cabinet Committee, World Environment Day…

Prelim Bits 05-06-2019

Jan Shikshan Sansthan, Economic Census, TN Health System Reform Program, RODRA Website and etc.

Prelim Bits 04-06-2019

Parthenogenesis, Nipah Virus, Karikiyoor Rock Paintings, Diamond Formation and etc.

Prelim Bits 03-06-2019

National Statistical Office, Indian State of Forest Report, Bhuvan Portal, Gene Editing Tools and et…

Prelim Bits 31-05-2019

Jal Shakti Ministry, UN- Habitat Assembly, Microbiome, Heat waves, and etc.

Prelim Bits 30-05-2019

Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO), Elephant hunting in Botswana, Malaria Free Status and etc.

Prelim Bits 29-05-2019

Anthropocene Epoch, Superconductivity, Laxmi Basin, Subduction zones and International Ocean Discove…

Prelim Bits 28-05-2019

PM-AASHA, AKASH Missile, Burn out Condition, JOIDES Resolution and etc.
UPSC Admissions 2019