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Prelim Bits 13-01-2017

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INS Khanderi: INS Khanderi is a submarine and second of the navy’s six scorpene-class stealth submarines. The six scorpene class stealth submarines are built under the Project – 75. T…

January 13, 2017 0 375

Prelim Bits 12-01-2017

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National Commodity & Derivatives Exchange: NCDEX is an online commodity exchange based in India. It provides a commodity exchange platform for market participants to trade in commodity derivat…

January 13, 2017 0 301

Prelim Bits 11-01-2017

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Rift Valley Fever: Rift Valley fever (RVF) is a viral zoonosis that primarily affects animals but can also infect humans. RVF virus is a member of the Phlebovirus genus. The virus was first identi…

January 11, 2017 0 588

Prelim Bits 10-01-2017

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Measles - Rubella Vaccine: Measles Rubella is also called as German Measles. The Measles - Rubella Vaccine is one of the ten vaccines under Universal Immunisation Program (UIP) and it is set to be…

January 10, 2017 0 494

Prelim Bits 09-01-2017

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Laughingthrushes in Western Ghats: The avian species Montane laughingthrushes are found only in the peaks of Western Ghats, which are popularly called as Sky islands. BirdLife International, an or…

January 09, 2017 0 635

Prelim Bits 07-01-2017

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Gandhinagar – First Model Smart city in the Country: Under Smart Cities Mission, Ministry of Urban Development has shortlisted Gandhinagar as the first model city in the country to go smart. …

January 07, 2017 0 654

Prelim Bits 06-01-2017

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Oropouche fever: It is caused by the Oropouche virus and transmitted in humans primarily through the bite of Culex Mosquitoes. No direct transmission of the virus from human to human has been docu…

January 06, 2017 0 620

Prelim Bits 05-01-2017

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NASA mission to study black holes Black holes can heat surrounding gases to more than a million degrees. The high-energy X-ray radiation from this gas can be polarised and vibrating in a particular…

January 05, 2017 0 726

Prelim Bits 03-01-2017

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Kerala listed in 12 tourist hotspots in the world: Kerala has been pegged as a ‘Destination to Watch’ in 2017 by Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA). Association of British Tra…

January 03, 2017 0 568

Prelim Bits 02-01-2017

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ISRO in 2016: ISRO launched seven vehicle missions in 2016. All were successful. Eight ISRO satellites, four student satellites and 22 foreign satellites were launched by these missions. The year …

January 02, 2017 0 605