Prelims and Mains

Highlights of the Economic Survey 2016-17 Volume-2

Articles GS III Prelims and Mains

Fiscal Developments In 2016-17 Central Government witnessed – A strong growth in Tax Revenue, Sustenance of the pace of Capital Spending & Consolidation of non-salary/pension rev…

August 12, 2017 0 5529

What caused the Chennai Floods?

Daily News Geography Optional GS I Prelims and Mains

What do the reseachers say? Researchers have found that the extreme El Nino conditions and the warming trend in the Bay of Bengal have contributed equally to the unprecedented heavy rainfall in Chenn…

July 06, 2017 0 1327

Traditional Water Conservation Systems

Daily News GS I Prelims and Mains

Why in news? The historic Taj bawadi , built during the Adil Shahi era (1490-1686) in Vijayapura in Karnataka was recently restored. What are traditional water conservation systems around India? …

July 05, 2017 0 1330

De-Registering Shell Companies

Daily News GS III Prelims and Mains

Why in news? The Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) is preparing to send show-cause notices to over three lakh more firms (Shell companies) for striking off their names from the ‘register of c…

July 04, 2017 1 1322

Rising the Height of Sardar Sarovar’s Dam

Daily News GS III Prelims and Mains

Why in news? The Narmada Control Authority recently decided to raise the height of the Sardar Sarovar dam to its full height, by ordering the closure of 30 gates. What will be the impact? The dam…

July 04, 2017 1 1660

RBI on interest rate cuts

Daily News GS III Prelims and Mains

What is the issue? The Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is planning for a cut in the interest rates. What is Monetary policy committee? The Finance Act 2016, pr…

July 04, 2017 0 925

Man-Animal Conflict – Indian Gaur

Daily News GS III Prelims and Mains

Why in news? The Indian gaur population increases around the tourist towns of Udhagamandalam, Coonoor, Kotagiri and Gudalur in Tamil Nadu. What is happening? Recently, four people were killed and…

July 03, 2017 0 1015

Role of Aerosols in Indian Monsoon

Daily News GS I Prelims and Mains

Why in news? Researchers from Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, Pune, think that aerosols may be weakening the rainy season. What is an Aerosol? Aerosols are minute particles suspended in…

July 03, 2017 0 1541

Aadhaar Must for Bank Accounts

Daily News GS III Prelims and Mains

Why in News The government, through a notification amending a prevention of money laundering law, has made it mandatory to provide Aadhaar to open a bank account and to conduct a transaction of Rs…

June 17, 2017 0 1382

Bitcoins in India

Daily News GS III Prelims and Mains

How do Bitcoins work? Bitcoin was introduced in 2008 by still unidentified inventor who goes by the name ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’. Bitcoin has no central monetary authority. It is underpinn…

June 05, 2017 0 1273