October 11, 2018
9 months

What are the core issues that are plaguing National Human Rights Commission (NHRC)? Examine if the Protection of Human Rights (Amendment) Bill, 2018 addresses those issues. (200 words)

Refer – The Indian Express

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IAS Parliament 8 months


Core issues

·         Selection Committee – Tasked with appointing the chairperson and the members, the committee is dominated by the ruling party.

·         There is thus a need to diversify the selection committee.

·         Process – The selection process is ambiguous as the criteria to assess candidates are not specified.

·         Investigation – Police officials investigating for the NHRC are sent on deputation by their forces.

·         Their allegiance lies with their home cadre to which they return after their tenure at the Commission is over. This conflict of interest restricts the scope of their work.

·         Funds – Besides these, there is long pendency of the Commission’s requests for additional funds.

The PHR (Amendment) Bill, 2018

·         The Bill propose to include one member of the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights within its fold as a deemed member as well as a woman member.

·         It proposes to enlarge the scope of eligibility and selection of the Chairperson of the NHRC as well as of SHRC.

·         Further, it proposes to amend the term of office of the Chairperson and members of the NHRC and the SHRC.

·         Though it proposes to make the institution more inclusive, widen its eligibility, it falls short in addressing the core issues of NHRC.

Road to future

·         The government must take steps to ensure greater transparency in the selection process.

·         The much-needed diversification could be realised through the inclusion of civil society members. Academicians with proven track record can also be roped in.

·         Also, the NHRC urgently requires officers of its own to carry out independent investigations. The government should provide resources for this.

Nandadeep 9 months

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IAS Parliament 8 months

Require more clarity on SHRC, Human rights court etc. Try to discuss the issues with NHRC and discuss how far the bill addresses those issues. Keep writing. 

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