Environment II

March 09, 2018
9 months
A compilation of environment related Current Affairs and Prelims-Special Topics, aimed at helping Prelims 2018
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Shashank tiwari 9 months

Sir , please upload science and technology material for upsc prelims 2018

IAS Parliament 9 months

It will be available in a few days. Keep Following.

Sameer 9 months

Kindly upload material related with practical physical geography like all the forests list,mountains,rivers and their routes,national parks ,sanctuaries including maps.It will be highly beneficial.If possible.thanks in advance

IAS Parliament 9 months

We will consider it. Keep Following.

Naredla Dinesh 9 months

Thank you sir....

Siddharth 9 months

Sir my kind request, please bring material on connecting national parks- main animals-passing rivers-cities - wildlife life with maps and images. This is missing in your most famous environment book. Nandry.

Anushree Marichelvan 9 months

Thank you sir...when will the science and technology material be uploaded??

IAS Parliament 9 months

Probably within two weeks. Keep Following.