Polity & International Relations II

March 03, 2018
1 year
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Mahesh 1 year

Sir  do u provide all d subjects under target 2018....?

IAS Parliament 1 year

All Current Affairs related subjects are covered under Target 2018 - Economy, Polity, International Relations, Environment & Science and Technology. Apart from these, Report & Indices, Government Schemes and International Organisations will also be available.

Deepak kumar 1 year


we must say 

Shankar's IAS academy is too good..

thanks for providing such a valuable stuff in regular intervals..

IAS Parliament 1 year

Thank you. Keep Following.

PrawinRaja 1 year

Is target 2018 for Science and technology and defence being made ? 

IAS Parliament 1 year

A compilation of Science Technology related news, which also includes defense news, will be available as a part of Target 2018.