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Polity & International Relations Part I

January 12, 2018
9 months
June to November 2017
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Prasath 6 months

Sir. When ll u update other  subjects target ...like art and culture , geo , sci and tech etc

Deepak kumar 8 months


you are doing great job...

We are waiting for Gist of Down to Earth for December 2017 and January 2018

Please inform

IAS Parliament 8 months

We have stopped publishing the Gist of Down to Earth as a separate magazine. Instead we have started Science Monthly to provide consolidated material for Science & Technology. Anyways relevant content from the Down to Earth magazine is being used in the Science Monthly. Keep Following.

Stalin Fidal Kumar 9 months

sir,kindly provide the compilation of prelims bits month wise like last year which was very useful

Pavithran P N 9 months

Great work team!!! Thank you!

Anurag 9 months

@shankarias plz. reply why you have stopped providing gist of Down to Earth magazine..you were doing wonderful job.