Polity & International Relations Part I

January 12, 2018
1 year
June to November 2017
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Prasath 10 months

Sir. When ll u update other  subjects target ...like art and culture , geo , sci and tech etc

Deepak kumar 12 months


you are doing great job...

We are waiting for Gist of Down to Earth for December 2017 and January 2018

Please inform

IAS Parliament 12 months

We have stopped publishing the Gist of Down to Earth as a separate magazine. Instead we have started Science Monthly to provide consolidated material for Science & Technology. Anyways relevant content from the Down to Earth magazine is being used in the Science Monthly. Keep Following.

Stalin Fidal Kumar 1 year

sir,kindly provide the compilation of prelims bits month wise like last year which was very useful

Pavithran P N 1 year

Great work team!!! Thank you!

Anurag 1 year

@shankarias plz. reply why you have stopped providing gist of Down to Earth magazine..you were doing wonderful job.