Akhil Reddy
November 10, 2018
1 month

Which Guide book to refer for General Studies Prelims Paper-I? Disha, TMH or Arihant


9 days

Raj IAS Academy

None of them. Just start with NCERTs. Because NCERTs prepare your base and lead to final selection. Also solve previous years and make your own notes. Read some books like History of Modern India-Bipin Chandra, India's Struggle For Independence- Bipan Chandra,

India Art and Culture- Nitin Singhania, Geography of India-Majid Husain. 

19 days

bharath narahari

none of the 3

stick to NCERT s of 8 subjects of prelims

Hindu, Current magazine 

solves as many tests as possible 

guides are of little use in upsc

22 days

Abhishek K R

Best online preparation from Oliveboard.in

1 month

Abhishek K R

Go for Skholar.com