November 28, 2017
3 months


I just came through your current affairs section & its great.

So, I started following from few days back. But I have a doubt. Is Current Affairs Monthly Magazine, a compilation of Daily News or Does it carry any additional news items? 

If yes, can you please consider, mentioning, the additional articles apart from that months Daily news articles. Because, I read Daily News every day and make a note out of it. If Magazine covers additional articles, then I can add those too.

Thank you


3 months

IAS Parliament

Generally there won't be any additional news in the magazine, as we do an extensive coverage daily. We do add rarely, if we happen to miss any important news. The advantage of the magazine is, it gives a consolidated account on every news as it developed throughout the month.

It is also segregated topic-wise to enable easy reading.

In a whole, it would supplement your daily reading by acting as an effective revision material. Keep Following.