Madhu Ranjan
July 12, 2017
9 months

I feel comfortable with IAS Parliament for current affairs. Whether depending on only ias parliament is enough for current affairs? 

I actually feel uncomfortable with the newspaper. 

What to do?


3 months


Very good information for the latest daily current affairs on SBI JOBS which will be asked in the question paper

6 months


Hi, I am preparing for government exams and am current following daily current affairs from IBPS Guide website found very resourceful and I hope you may like it

9 months


Read the news paper daily, this is one of the best way to prepare for exam. With this you can enhance your english section also..

Read : GK for IAS Exam

9 months

Madhu Ranjan

Thank you Prashasti... 

9 months


You cannot replace the newspaper with any material. Anything else can only be supplementary. Newspaper is not for information gathering of course. It keeps you abreast with the current affairs, develops reading skills, helps solve comprehension questions & more importantly allows you to develop opinions. Its essential to read good quality articles to produce quality answers in the exam. 

Any material you are using can obviously suffice for quick revision.