07/02/2019 - Government interventions

February 07, 2019
13 days

The Government of India has recently amended the Mines act 1952 which allows women to work in underground mines. Discuss its major consequences.  (200 Words)

Refer - Financial Express

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IAS Parliament 12 days


·        The Mines Act 1952 expressly forbade the employment of women in underground mines, and allowed them to work in above-ground mines only between 6 am and 7 pm.

·        Now, however, the labour ministry has amended the rules to allow women to work in underground mines during the day time and in opencast mines round the clock.


·        Women in underground mining now can occupy “technical, supervisory and managerial” positions, this  helps mining engineers

·        Employers are mandatory to provide the workers with adequate facilities and safeguards regarding occupational safety, security and health.

·        Narrowing gender disparity in mining sector which was traditionally dominated by men.

·        Increase in income to the households who depend on mining of minerals, thereby results in increased participation of the women.

·        This amendment helps in increasing the female labour force participation rate in the mining sector.

·        Moreover it upholds the essence of Article 16 & DPSP of the Indian Constitution which directs government of India to provide equal employment opportunity to the citizens.

Negative Consequences

·        Disadvantage to blue collar workers as they have not been mentioned in the amendment.

·        Impact of the health on Women is not comprehensively addressed.

·        Provisions on compensation to workers needs to be addressed properly.

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IAS Parliament 12 days

Try including about managerial positions to women mining engineers, disadvantage to blue collar mine workers etc. Keep Writing.

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