October 09, 2018
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Examine how Krishi Vigyan Kendras (KVKs) are transforming the agricultural extension in India with suitable examples. (200 words)

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IAS Parliament 8 months


Agricultural extension

·         It is the application of scientific research and new knowledge to agricultural practices through farmer education.

·         Generally, agricultural extension can be defined as the “delivery of information inputs to farmers.

·         But, the concept of extension in the modern context goes far beyond technology transfer. It covers integration of technology with farming systems.


·         Krishi Vigyan Kendras (KVKs) are agricultural science centres, run by farm research organisations with funding and guidance from the ICAR.

·         KVKs located all over the country are giving a new identity to the extension work by adding new dimensions to it.

Role of KVKs in transformation

·         It assesses the relevance of new technologies under local conditions and suitably modifying them, if needed.

·         They conduct technology demonstrations and train farmers and extension workers in utilising them.

·         Besides, they assist farm entrepreneurs in formulating and implementing the projects involving specialty agriculture and value addition of the farm goods.

·         Moreover, they produce seeds and seedlings of improved crop varieties for distribution to farmers.

·         Going a step further, they even help in preparing district level agricultural development plans.

·         The three most significant among these initiatives are

·         Kshamta – It aimed basically at improving the economic condition and nutritional status of people in 125 tribal-dominated districts.

·         This is sought to be done by upgrading the traditional farming systems by modernising them.

·         Vatica – It seeks to involve youth and others in taking up value-addition of farm products and setting up technology-based economic ventures.

·         The KVKs provide them full research and development backing, including incubation of their projects, to ensure success.

·         Nari – It intended to focus on the betterment of household nutrition by promoting nutri-cereals, nutrition gardening and nutrient-enriched (bio-fortified) crops as part of the homestead farming systems.

·         The programme is largely women-centric as they play a major role in family nutrition.

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Try defining agricultural extension in a few lines and discuss how KVKs transform such services in the modern context. Try to include some examples as well. Keep writing.

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IAS Parliament 9 months

Try to upload a better quality image. Try to define agricultural extension in a few lines and discuss how KVKs transform such services in the modern context. Keep writing.