August 08, 2018
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Prevention is better than cure. Discuss in the light of India’s healthcare landscape and also discuss how India can shift its focus from curative healthcare to preventive healthcare. (200 words)

Refer – Financial Express

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·         In our country, a disappointing 9.6% of the overall healthcare expenditure is spent on preventive healthcare.

·         In other words, more than 90% of overall healthcare expenses go into treating diseases and their complications.

Advantages of preventive healthcare

·         Prevention has always been affordable and easy. The cure, however, is largely expensive and usually very painful.

·         Preventive measures such as getting annual health check-ups keep one informed and a few simple lifestyle and nutrition changes reduces the possibility of diseases.

·         With the increased importance given to preventive healthcare, the pressure on secondary and tertiary healthcare systems shall significantly come down.

·         The biggest advantage is that non-communicable diseases NCDs are invariably tackled first.

·         Considering the fact that India’s ratio of doctors and nurses per 1,000 people is dramatically lower than the WHOs average, prevention is the most efficient step to avoid further burden.

Curative to Preventive

·         Make the public believe in the advantages of preventive healthcare and attract them into a routine of regular health check-ups.

·         For that to happen, much has to change at the fundamental level.

·         Greater accountability, shorter turnaround times through automation, next-generation logistics networks, value-added services like mobile application with real-time information, and a greater customer-centric approach starting with the basic establishment of a connection with customers are just a few changes that will make the biggest differences.

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