March 31, 2018
10 months

The integration of transgenders in the workforce is still a challenge. What should be done to create an enabling environment for the greater integration of transgenders in to the mainstream?

Refer – The Hindu

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IAS Parliament 9 months


·        For every headline celebrating a transgender person’s recruitment in a mainstream profession, there is a contentious history.

·        For instance, take the case of Prithika Yashini, the first transwoman Sub-Inspector of Police in India.

·        It took an order from the Madras High Court for the Tamil Nadu Uniformed Services Recruitment Board to appoint her.

·        There is a long road ahead before members of the transgender community are accepted into the mainstream.

·        To tackle this, an enabling environment need to be created, be it in education institutes or workplaces.

·        This can only be achieved by sensitising the workforce in protecting the rights and dignity of the community.

·        The Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Bill is the right step forward in this regard.

·        Apart from welfare schemes for the community, the Bill also lists obligations of establishments as well as recognisable offences against the community.

·        Harassment of a transgender employee is an offence that carries with it a punishment of not less than six months imprisonment.

·        While laws to safeguard these rights are the first step, more important is to ensure their implementation.

·        The Bill addresses this issue as well as it recommends the formation of a National Council for Transgender Persons that is tasked with monitoring and evaluating policies formulated for transgender persons.

·        Leading voices from the community have called for vocational programmes in creative fields, a recommendation made by the Standing Committee too.