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12/03/2019 - Education

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March 12, 2019
1 year

A teacher’s knowledge and pedagogical skill are critical factors that affect a child’s learning outcomes. Discuss the challenges in teachers’ education system in India and suggest measures for better teaching quality. (200 Words)

Refer - Financial Express

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IAS Parliament 1 year


Challenges in teachers’ education system

·        Most states train teachers for 7-10 days in a year, which doesn’t even address the large capacity gap in teachers.

·        Almost none of the teacher training is on basic content.

·        Teacher training is usually delivered through a three-level cascade of a master trainer, trainer and then the teacher, the delivery to the end-user is an extremely diluted form of original content.

·        Training content is not personalised to the needs of the teacher and rarely translates to change in strategies inside the classroom.

Remedial measures

·        The first step is to conduct a rigorous and externally implemented Teacher Needs Assessment that can identify learning gaps and group teachers based on their abilities such that personalised learning pathways could be created for each.

·        Need design a comprehensive curriculum for each group of teachers that is responsive to their specific needs and mapped to the wide gulf that exists in teacher knowledge.

·        It has to cover grade-wise content for teachers who are themselves unfamiliar with basic concepts, and must include teaching strategies and pedagogy relevant to the realities of a government classroom, as well as tools to deal with challenges associated with teaching first-generation learners from underprivileged backgrounds.

·        Training delivery should be through a blended learning model where on-site physical training is supplemented by high-quality, targeted, scalable digital content hosted on platforms like DIKSHA.

·        Lecture-mode sessions must be augmented by peer learning groups at cluster level and in-classroom action research projects that can be implemented through NGO support.


Sandeep 1 year

Kindly review thanks

IAS Parliament 1 year

Good answer. Keep Writing.

Improver 1 year

Nelson mandala once said that Educaion is the best weapon to transform the world which resonates week here but for the better education we must have well educators who have two cardinal skills...subject knowledge and pedagogical skills.

In India teachers quality reflects the dismal picture acc to the teacher needs assessment 

76% of the primary teachers lack grade v competencies

70 % of the upper primary teachers lack grade viii competencies

Near about 7 lakh teacher lack required paper qualifications


Inadequate training to them of just 6_7 days in most of the state that too is rigid and obsolete.

Crumbling infrastructure and meager govt spending 

High workload and less pecuniary benefits discouraged them to teach 

Solutions....Revisioning of our training programmes

Periodic teachers need assessment to identify the gaps and provision of personalized training.That too should be of 20-30 days each year.

Physical training should be complemented by digital platforms like DIKSHA.

Provisioning of structured monetary benefits based on their performance in service..

Better infra at DIETS and BRCs coupled with an increase in govt spending.

It was heart touching when world bank said that today's Indians are 44%, productive as workers than their Asian peers so it is essential for us to change this grim reality .Ultimately there should be competent Chanakya to produce valor , intelligent Chandragupta.

IAS Parliament 1 year

 Try to include some points like, lack of basic content in training, lack of personalisation of training content to the needs of teacher etc. Keep Writing.

Raj 1 year

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IAS Parliament 1 year

Try adding specific points on teacher training. Keep Writing.

Raj 1 year

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Pankaj Mishra 1 year

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IAS Parliament 1 year

Try to elaborate on challenges and remedial measures, include specific points like, lack of basic content in training, less number of days for training etc. Keep Writing.