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March 14, 2019
12 months

Do India need a separate time zone for northeastern states? Critically examine (200 Words )

Refer - Financial Express

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IAS Parliament 12 months


·        The people, legislators and industrialists from the northeastern part of the country have been demanding a separate time zone for a long time as they genuinely face problems with the existing Indian Standard Time (IST).

·        The existing IST is said to be badly affecting their lives as the sun rises and sets much earlier than the official working hours. An early sunrise leads to loss of many daylight hours by the time offices or educational institutions open.

·        In winter, this problem gets even more severe as the Sun sets much early and, therefore, more consumption of electricity is required to keep life active.

Separate time zone for NE states

·        Importance of sunrise and sunset timings on the biological activities of living beings;

·        Simple analyses of synchronising the sunrise and sunset timings across the country to the usual office hours of 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM.

·        Minimisation of the spatial extension at the proposed border of time demarcation so as to avoid any kind of railway accidents;

·        The proposed time zones would be beneficial for electricity saving, and the technical implementation mechanisms of the proposed two new time zones in the country.

Preference to Single time zones

·        Government cited strategic reasons for having single time zone.

·        India has a huge population; if the country were divided into two time zones, there would be chaos at the border between the two zones. It would mean resetting clocks with each crossing of the time zone. Railway signals are not fully automated and many routes have single tracks.

·        This banks, offices, industries and multinational companies which need to be constantly interconnected. This will be further detrimental to productivity and to the interests of the eastern region.

·        Having a separate time zone for the eastern region will provide no energy or other benefits to the rest of the country. 

·        The people in the Northeast sense a distance from the mainland and a separateness in clock time may add it.

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