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November 10, 2017

Providing universal quality education depends not only on the performance of teachers but also on the shared responsibility of several stakeholders. Analyse.

Refer – The Hindu

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Manav 6 years

Please review. 

IAS Parliament 6 years


·         Nowadays, there is a strong opinion that, education system can be fixed by holding teachers accountable for student’s education.  

·         It may be acceptable that, accountability can result in specific ends. But, holding teachers alone accountable will not works.  

·         The basic principle underlying the term accountability is, whenever the actors asked to account for their actions; they will strive harder to achieve the given task.

·         Education is not an individual responsibility instead; it is a collective responsibility which rest on various stakeholders such as governments, schools, teachers, parents, media, civil society, International organisations and the private sector.

·         Holding every stakeholder accountable for their action will fix education system.

Measures to ensure accountability

·         Accountability in education starts with governments, which bear the primary duty to ensure the right to education.

·         Govt. should provide formal space for meaningful dialogue among multiple stakeholders, especially those sitting outside government to obtain all-inclusive solutions.

·         Govt. should publish an annual education monitoring report that presents actions taken by the government and the results obtained will ensure accountability by the government.

·         Parents are largely responsible for their children’s school   attendance, effort and behaviour.

·         Rewards for parents to ensure their children’s school enrolment and attendance works better.

·         Media should be kept free to scrutinize education systems.

·         International organizations are responsible for reflecting all voices in formulating global education goals.

·         But, there is an accountability vacuum concerning their role and responsibility in achieving those goals.

·         School and Teacher accountability mechanisms should be supportive and formative, and avoid punitive measures.

·         Especially the narrow performance measures such as sanctioning schools or evaluate teachers using student test scores should be eliminated.  

·         This will discourage teaching to the test, motivate teachers and advantage weaker students, all of which strengthen overall education quality and student learning.

Adhi 6 years

Assessing the test scores and concluding the teachers performance is the conventional method of analysing the educational quality.

Its a time to rethink whether it is right or wrong

Do the children brought up only by the teachers? Which means each and every stage of the child growth is depending on the soceity where he lives. We should understand that certain things really need a broad mind analysis.

"Not only the teacher jus because he/she spending 8hrs of time with the kid it does not mean they are the sole responsible. The stakeholders of the education system is also having a major part responsiblity" this statement should be admitted by us so that we can focus on constructive way to get the quality education orelse we ill end up with either the narrow mindset of teachers that they are teaching only for test scores not for the welfare of the children or understanding what education is all about will not be achieved.At any cost both should not happen.

We should come up with the constructive plan which includes each and every stakholders into account which gives the pearls of the future by using educations as a tool.